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  • We Need Your Help!
    Cosmetology | October 12, 2021

    Our Chemical Relaxation Class spent the day learning about ProsperU and the importance of Product Knowledge, Marketing, the whys behind customer connection and retail sales. All the students teamed up with each other to help create product displays of products that can have profound impact on your hair. We need your help deciding which of […]

  • Beautiful Futures!
    Cosmetology | September 23, 2021

    November Cosmetology Classes As the dreamy relaxing days of summer quickly come to an end, you might be stuck between wanting a few more blissful days of summer yet also feeling refreshed and ready to start something new. Fall is all about getting a jump start on fun adventures, starting new things and setting goals. […]

  • Finley’s Legacy Toy Drive
    Cosmetology | July 9, 2021

    “Every Child is a different kind of flower, and all together, make this world a beautiful garden.” . This month TSPA Appleton is hosting a month long event to collect Toys and monetary donations to donate to The Children’s Hospital of WI, in Honor of Finley Baier. . Finley had a huge heart and a […]

  • Graduate Cosmetology Salon Ready: Your Guide To Success
    Cosmetology | June 9, 2021

    Mapping a Successful Future For You Cosmetology Career Pursuing your dreams takes guts, gumption, and grace. While you need to give yourself a lot of grace as you make mistakes (we all do), the guts and gumption are harder to come by. Are you feeling nervous about attending cosmetology school? Banish the nerves with the […]

  • TSPA Appleton Voted The Best Beauty School At This Years SPEC Awards
    Cosmetology | May 21, 2021

    Voted The Best Beauty School At This Years SPEC Awards Ceremony, TSPA Appleton Awarding Beauty School: TSPA Appleton Sweeps The Awards During the Annual SPEC Awards Banquet Strength. Bravery. Determination. Persistence. Unstoppable. Are a few words to describe The Salon Professional Academy Appleton and the AMAZING team that came together to achieve great things over […]

  • Seniors, say Goodbye to Highschool and Hello to College!!
    Cosmetology | May 3, 2021

    Seniors it is almost time to say goodbye to high school and hello to college Come develop your Cosmetology skills and creativity with our talented educators Grow your Cosmetology business and marketing skills that include social media to maximize your earning potential Get a student kit full of professional tools and technology to enhance your […]

  • TSPA Redken Scholarships
    Cosmetology | April 28, 2021

    Scholarships For Education Redken 5th Avenue NYC, the number one professional product brand in America, has created a scholarship program specifically for qualified participating TSPA’s. As part of their exclusive recognition of the education provided at The Salon Professional Academy franchise locations, Redken makes available, for those who qualify, scholarship opportunities ranging from $600-$1000 each. […]

  • Covid-19 Info
    Cosmetology | April 13, 2021

    Updated April 13th, 2021: Just a friendly reminder TSPA Appleton’s policies for COVID are still in place.   > Please arrive about 5 mins before your scheduled appointment to get your temperature taken > Please refrain from bringing guests with you to your scheduled appointment (this includes children) > Masks are required to enter the […]

  • How to Choose Successful Beauty Careers for Creating Your Business
    Cosmetology | March 15, 2021

    Beauty Careers With A Cosmetology License  Whether you’re wondering how to get into the beauty industry or just curious about how it works, we think you’ll find our student culture, innovative educators, and programs inspiring and hopefully, a little encouraging enough to take your first step. Beauty careers change people’s lives, and cosmetology is no […]

  • Beauty Careers: What Can Beauty School Training Offer Me?
    Cosmetology | February 4, 2021

    Have you ever wanted to be the Molly Ringwald to someone’s Ally Sheedy (like in The Breakfast Club)? The person who helps give people makeovers to discover a look for themselves they never thought possible? Well, if that sounds fun, wait until we tell you about the getting paid part. Yes, nabbing a career in […]

  • Is a Cosmetology Career a Good Idea for Me?
    Cosmetology | January 20, 2021

    According to Forbes, beauty is a $532 billion industry and growing. With this growth, exciting, new technologies have emerged, shaping the beauty industry. Virtual consults, A.I., and social media are just a few of the advances transforming the industry. You may be wondering, “Is a cosmetology career a good idea?” The answer is a definite […]

  • Hair Extension Futures In-demand
    Cosmetology | January 5, 2021

    Did you ever wonder how celebrities manage to look different every time they appear at a new event? They hire skilled hairstylists who know how to install hair extensions. Hair extensions can add volume, length, and even a new color, making them one of the easiest ways to help a client make a dramatic transformation […]

  • The Right Help For Your Tuition Costs
    Cosmetology | December 30, 2020

    The FAFSA Is Your Financial Aid Friend! Are you thinking about going to beauty school but are worried about the cost? Fear not: You may qualify for many federal grants, loans, and other forms of financial aid! You can find out by filling out and filing the FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid. That’s […]

  • Best Classes To Take Before Attending Cosmetology School
    Cosmetology | December 22, 2020

    What is some advice for becoming a cosmetologist? Working in the beauty industry goes well beyond style, trends and color forecasting—there is a massive education component involved.  Which classes will help me get into cosmetology school? It is important to love what you do and to set yourself up for success, no doubt. While most […]

  • Are You A Beauty Influencer?
    Cosmetology | November 30, 2020

    Use Your Cosmetology or Estheticians Training to Be an Influencer Media has a significant influence on fashion and beauty. Social media is a popular tool for advertising a home business. Create a name for yourself with your new cosmetology training using online tools to show your beauty business authority. Popular beauty influencers who gain people’s […]

  • Consider Accreditation When Choosing a Beauty School
    Cosmetology | November 10, 2020

    Not all beauty schools are equal, and you may feel overwhelmed when you search for the right beauty school for you. One confusing term you might run across is “accreditation.”  It looks impressive, but it’s really very basic: accreditation is the approval a school gets from the American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS). The AACS […]

  • Black Women As Pioneers In Beauty
    Cosmetology | October 31, 2020

    Octavia Spencer’s dynamic performance in the 2020 movie Self-Made opened the eyes of those who thought that the beauty industry has little room for Black or Latino women. The story of Madam C.J. Walker, who invented a line of hair care products for Black women in the early twentieth century and became the first documented […]

  • Men as Mavens
    Cosmetology | September 30, 2020

    Men are Today’s Make-Up Mavens! Back in 1960, John F. Kennedy gave men around the world an important lesson. In the first televised presidential debate, he wore cosmetic foundation on his skin. Under the harsh studio lights, he looked vibrant and healthy compared to his pale and sweaty rival Richard Nixon, who refused to wear […]

  • Multicultural Beauty Training: The New Norm
    Cosmetology | September 24, 2020

    Culturally Responsive Beauty School Training Who wouldn’t love a chance to work at Gina Norris’s salon in the movie Beauty Shop? The 2005 Queen Latifah film created a world where women (and some men) spoke frankly about issues of love and sex, race and gender, and everything in-between. It was a place where a black […]

  • It’s a Beauty Revolution!
    Cosmetology | August 14, 2020

    Savvy beauty industry pros know that cosmetology doesn’t have to be an in-person only job at a salon. Beauty influencers have used online technology to build beauty empires and more. Here are just a few examples: Huda Kattan is worth approximately $610 million according to Forbes magazine. Her beauty studies led her to a job […]

  • Cosmetology: Much More Than Make-Up!
    Cosmetology | August 11, 2020

    Bring Your Art To Life in the Cosmetology World Most people have the wrong idea about cosmetology. Even the dictionary is wrong! The dictionary says that cosmetology is “the art or profession of applying cosmetics.” But that couldn’t be further from the truth! The reality is that cosmetology involves so many different skills that each […]

  • Busting 5 Big Myths of Online Education
    Cosmetology | July 30, 2020

    It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has turned education upside down. Every day more schools move some or all of their classes online. Whether it’s called “remote learning,” “distance learning” or “eLearning,” they’re all basically the same thing –  education that takes place via the Internet. Online education can include K-12 education, career education, […]

  • Why Not Try Beauty School During Your Gap Year?
    Cosmetology | June 20, 2020

    Turn Your Gap Year Into An Experiential Education Many people had never heard of a gap year when Malia Obama, eldest daughter of former President Barack Obama, took one after high school to travel, volunteer, and complete an internship. A “gap year” is a break between high school and other forms of education, and it’s […]

  • Employment Opportunities: Jobs in the beauty industry
    Cosmetology | May 1, 2020

    Beyond the Salon: The Wide World of Beauty Careers If you want to have as much fun as Queen Latifah in Beauty Shop, then a job in a salon is a great option. But did you know that there are countless opportunities in many fields for those with in-demand cosmetology skills? What can you do with a cosmetology career? Entertain: […]

  • Tips For Taking Online Beauty School Classes
    Cosmetology | April 15, 2020

    There are always so many expectations that come with January 1st. Everywhere you look you will see someone or something that is telling you “New Year, New You.” But was there really anything wrong with the “old” you?

  • Access to Online Education: Are Online Cosmetology & Beauty Schools a Better Way to Go?
    Cosmetology | April 15, 2020

    Wish we could be on campus with our ARTIST’s but instead, we’re bringing campus to you! 🏫➡️💻. Stuck at Home? Start a New Cosmetology Career! TSPA knows that students want the best education they can get. That’s why TSPA now offers online cosmetology and beauty school certificates and licenses. What are the benefits of  TSPA’s online cosmetology and beauty […]

  • Demand Grows for Trade School Grads
    Cosmetology | March 28, 2020

    Is Cosmetology a Good Career Choice? A Cosmetology Degree is Your Path to a Better Future! According to Forbes, America needs trade school graduates now. A career in the beauty industry could be your ticket to financial security! Why? The beauty industry is worth $523 billion dollars. The average American woman even spends nearly a quarter […]


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