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How to Manage Home life and Beauty School February 1, 2022

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Wendy and her children (Cosmetology alumni)

As you get ready to start your cosmetology training, you need to keep a healthy balance between home life and beauty school. With the rise of remote learning, many in cosmetology school struggle to balance children, work, and other commitments, while staying organized to tackle beauty school. Read on for some tips to balance beauty school and work. 

1. Work School Into Your Schedule

When choosing a beauty school, try to find one that offers a schedule that works for your life. The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA) in Appleton, offers a full-time cosmetology program that is packed full of so much knowledge like..

  • Refine your skills and creativity with our talented educators
  • Business and marketing skills that include social media to maximize your earning potential
  • A student kit full of professional tools and technology to enhance your experience
  • A supportive team dedicated to you becoming what you’ve always dreamed of

Trusting the process and finding the perfect time to enroll is key, all areas of  your life need to align to make sure it is a good fit for you and your family. Our program offers an alternating schedule that is helpful to most students so they are able to still do things with the family and still be able to put themselves first and attend school.

If you’re already enrolled, ask how to arrange your schedule to maximize your hours. You can choose from a part-time program that offers night or weekend courses to fit your work and family schedule or some online study options for the theory parts. 

2. Get Support from Friends and Family

It’s hard to balance it all, especially if you’re a parent. In most cases, family and friends will be happy to help with your time as much as they can. Ask trusted people in your circle to help with childcare or other daily obligations that can free lots of time for you to focus on your studies. At the same time, it’s essential to ask your friends and family to respect your wishes to study and give you enough time to dedicate to learning. 

While going to beauty school has its perks, it can also bring challenges. Our Admissions Team spends a good amount of time with each student before enrolled to help each student determine who their support system is and how they will be supporting them while in school to eliminate those challenges. For each student this look completely different, and that is okay! While in school each student (in addition to their family and friends) will receive a coach that will help them through the program in many areas of their education and experience at TSPA Appleton. Attending beauty school with 60+ girls also offers the opportunity to make friends and develop a different type of support group that understands your daily struggles and triumphs.

Each person that attends TSPA Appleton is from all walks of life, new moms, single parents, already have a degree, a grandparent, fresh out of High school… each person has a unique journey that we want to support and help them succeed. Our education team and staff work super hard to focus on the growth of each individual person by helping them achieve their goals both personally and professionally.

When you surround yourself by inspiring and creative people, you’ll soon start to feel empowered, creative, and inspired! With a strong team that supports you, there’s not much you can’t conquer.

3.  Taking the Opportunity to Choose YOU!

Its time to put your needs and yourself first! You give and give and give and now it is your chance to make yourself a priority. We understand and appreciate that with a family to look after it can be a big leap of faith to take and might feel overwhelming, but being a wife and/or a mother doesn’t mean you need to put your dreams on hold. This is why your support system will be huge while in school.

Your family, friends and kids will look up to you and admire you for all the hard work, determination and drive you had while in school. They will see how you put your dreams and career first to make a better life for them and they will be inspired and appreciate all that you do even more than they do now. By putting yourself first you are showing your kids in the future how to have self love and put themselves first, such an important trait to have!

4. Create a Work/Study at Home or find a Study Group

Going to beauty school alone can be challenging. Reach out to others to have a study group so you can have accountability buddies. Schedule weekly meetings to spend time together and study. Having classmates go over notes, and new lessons can help iron out some of your doubts and challenges. Plus, it’s a great way to stay on track with what’s happening in the course. 

When you do not have clients while at school take that time to focus on areas of your education that need practice, studying for exams or even doing homework. This will eliminate the amount of work that you will have to bring home allowing more time for you to spend with your loved ones and continue to find that perfect family/ school balance.

Also, for the times you do need to do work for school at home, having a dedicated space to study at home is so important. Set rules about this area and ensure it’s just for studying. Make your studying area inviting with things that make you happy. Invest in comfortable furniture and décor items to turn this place into an area where you want to spend time. Having a dedicated space will also help you stay accountable and organized. 

5. Take Breaks! 

Don’t forget to rest. Balancing beauty school, work, and everyday life can be tricky. Schedule some time for self-care. It can be as simple as spending 30 minutes reading a book, watching TV, or planning an elaborate skincare routine. Take some time to relax and reset. 


If you are interested in learning more about how to start your journey at The Salon Professional Academy in Appleton and put your dreams first..

Contact Michaela in Admissions today!

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